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Facility management EMA+

A comprehensive tool for efficient online administration and management of assets through an efficient cloud solution. It provides asset data online, in one place, and in real time.

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Key features

Asset register

Technical records and hierarchy of areas and equipment, operation book of objects, drawings and map graphical data, photos, summary information.

Repeated activities

Planning of inspections and maintenance, colour visualization of states, reminders in the form of e-mail, history of implementations, attached documents.


Overview and administration of all documents in one place, quick access to documents, transparent sorting by document types.


Request records including their statuses, work-flow of their assignment and implementation, prioritization and deadlines, cost allocation, reports and charts.

Stocktaking of assets

Implementation of online inventories using QR or barcodes, outputs.


Easy-to-see calendar of repeated and one-time activities in a time context.

Mobile app Maja


The EMA+ Facility Management includes a mobile application for reliable and fast identification of assets and its field inventory with the option of electronic identification of barcodes and QR codes including RFID tags.


Asset register

Identification of assets by entering a unique number, scanning the barcode, or reading the RFID tag of the asset directly in the field.


User accounts

Each user has only his or her agenda incl. assigned tasks displayed in the application.


Up-to-date information

Maja provides up-to-date online views of inventory status as well as detailed information about each item.


Easy searching

Intuitive searching for assets by inventory numbers, codes, brands or type of asset.


Comprehensive overview

Data from the application is regularly synchronized on both sides with the central system.


Off-line mode

Convenient use of the application even outside the signal and automatic data synchronization.


Energy management

A comprehensive tool for monitoring and evaluating consumption of all kinds of energy for the purpose of their efficient management.

Lease management

A simple tool for efficient online administration and management of lease relations within commercial and residential portfolios.

Maintenance management

Comprehensive tool for efficient online maintenance of machines and equipment and effective management of work remotely and from anywhere.

Industry solution

Technical and Operational Information System

Industry solution for supporting the management of the technical and operational field within health care.

Smart City

Industry solution supporting smart city administration in the field of public lighting management.

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
mobil: 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
tel. 587 333 405 

Technical and Operational Information System

Industry solution for supporting the management of the technical and operational field within health care.